Restaurant Profit Made Easy

Don’t become one of the 60%

 You can’t save your way to profit you must manage your way there

The oh mighty battle over invoice .. Beating up your sales person over the price of carrots is not going to lead you to the restaurant promise land. In fact you can get a great deal of help from your broad-liners. They have learned to look outside the box in terms of how they go to market. Most broad-liners offer great tools, technology and other support.

Labor, the silent killer

Need help managing your labor costs?

Labor goal setting is crucial to the success of a restaurant. Labor must be managed daily. Easy Restaurant101 tools will help you set and maintain achievable goals weekly. We can help you set sales goals that you have to achieve to make your labor cost percentage. There are only 3 ways to achieve the best labor costs possible in the industry.

Stepping over dollars to save nickles


 Do you manage your restaurant or run it?

Most Independent operators run their operations they don’t manage them. You simply  cannot save your way to profit you must manage the major cost centers and understand which numbers to look at and how to react. The average non corporate restaurant runs approximately %4 profit while the franchise units runt an average of %15.

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