Restaurant Profit Made Easy

Don’t become one of the 60%

 You can’t save your way to profit you must manage your way there.

The oh mighty battle over invoice .. Beating up your broad liner’s sales staff on the price of carrots is not going to lead you to the restaurant promise land. Whats will happen is the sales staff will eventually stop wanting to help you and your prices will end up getting raised in hopes you will shop elsewhere. These sales people are not getting rich off of your account by any means. Truth told they make a small margin on what they sell and the rest goes to the house. So that said, in most cases the sales rep has to pay for their own fuel, phone and it’s their time spent driving to and from your restaurant only to get abused over the 10 cents you where charged over the competitors price.  Sadly, your not really sure if the product your fighting for is even better quality as what your currently getting.  We are not saying don’t look at price we are saying don’t get hung up on the nickles when you should be watching the dollars flooding out the door in labor, portion control, liquor costs etc…  Note: the average savings per invoice for the typical full service restaurant is around $18. Now think about the top 10 items that drive %80 of your revenue not being priced out correctly. So if your running a %40 on food because there is no portion control and your menu is not priced out properly what would that number look like?  Based on 20k in food sales that’s $2000! Maybe it’s time we look at labor?